Safety that unites

The hydraulics must work. And to make sure that this is the case, we make sure the connections are secure. Whether subsystems, cylinders, engines, pumps, valves or reservoirs – the Hengstenberg hydraulics programme covers all your requirements. We deliver customised adapters and conducting elements, measuring instruments for temperature, pressure and volume flow, pipe clamps, fluid systems and pipe fittings. Our hydraulics technology and services, such as the filter service or oil condition monitoring and hose service (BGR237) provide safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Special features that impress.

You can expect more from us, as we wouldn’t be Hengstenberg if we didn’t also offer a few special features. For example, our in-house engineering department develops internal subsystems/plants in order to offer you customised hydraulics solutions. Another special feature is our service fleet which can help you with tube filter oil services as well as the maintenance of entire hydraulics systems. Our services are naturally ISO certified.

Filter service – hydraulic filtration

Optimise the performance of your hydraulic system. Take advantage of our how-how.

Process: Recording of the current system parameters and complete fluid analysis on site and in the laboratory. A value analysis is then prepared.

Your advantages:
• Identify cost savings potential
• In-process purity class monitoring
• Trained personnel
• Preventative maintenance
• Performance and cost-optimised system solutions for the end products

Your benefits:
• Minimisation of model variety
• Environmentally friendly solutions
• Cost savings thanks to increased process reliability

Hydraulic components

We provide the following hydraulic components:

• Hydraulic cylinders
• Hydraulic engines
• Hydraulic pumps
• Hydraulic valves, throttles, etc.
• Reservoirs

Hydraulic service

• Maintenance and commissioning of hydraulic systems
• Preventative maintenances
• On-site project planning
• Production optimisation
• Metrological diagnostics and evaluation
• Measurement analysis of hydraulic systems, pressure peaks, flow measurements and temperature
• Oil analyses

Hose technology

We provide:
• Assembly of hose lines from DN 2 to DN 100
• Testing of hose lines up to 4,000 bar
• Rubber, PTFE, thermoplastic and metal shaft tubes

We deliver for hydraulics, chemical and industrial manufacturing departments, technical gases, paint spray technology, tool hydraulics, high pressure water cleaning, pneumatics and special solutions.