The devil is in the detail …

… which makes the industrial parts in all machines, engines and systems extremely important.

Hengstenberg is also your reliable partner for industrial parts with a range of products for sealing and vibration technology, drive engineering or fastening technology.

Our expertise ensures that you receive the right solution. Adhesives, lubricants and assembly tools round out our diverse programme.

Pros ask pros

Hengstenberg industrial parts are used in a multitude of market segments and applications, such as:

• Plant and mechanical engineering
• Energy industry
• Agricultural technology
• Food industry

We provide everything from maintenance requirements through to series production. Maximum product quality is our ultimate benchmark. Our technical support is just as reliable as our products. On request, we can also help you optimise your process costs.

Drive technology

Rolling bearings:
• Standard programme
• Special bearings
• Balls

• V-belts
• Drive belts
• Discs
• Chains
• Sprockets

Fastening and vibration technology

• Securing elements
• Circlips in line with DIN 471/472
• Circlips as per drawing
• Adjusting and supporting washers
• Locking plates
• Snap rings
• Other securing elements in line with DIN and as per drawings

• Hose clamps
• Worm drive clamps
• Supra clamps
• Tube clamps
• Herby clips

• Disc springs in line with DIN
• Special dimensions and special materials

• Vibration insulations
• Rubber / metal mounts
• Conical mounts
• V bearings
• Ultra bushings
• Machine bearings

Sealing technology

• Radial shaft seals and shaft seals in line with DIN and special forms
• Optimal and customised designs and material selection

• Hydraulic and pneumatic seals
• Rod seals
• Piston seals
• Wipers
• Guide elements
• Gleitringdichtungen
• Static seals
• O rings
• Flat gaskets
• Special seals
• Usit rings

• Packings
• Cords
• Preformed rings

• Bellows and diaphragms
• Single and multi-convolution bellows
• Diaphragms
• Flat diaphragms

Adhesives and lubricants

• Loctite adhesives
• Molykote lubricants
• Simrit lubricants

Assembly tools

• Circlip sealing pliers
• Gluing unit RK 15
• Radial shaft seal MRO toolkit
• Packing cutting tool
• Packing puller

Cross-sectoral applications

• System engineering
• Energy
• Maintenance requirements
• Agriculture
• Food industry
• Mechanical engineering
• Series production
• Transport
• and much more

Technical consulting

• Innovation for new fabrications
• Supporting consulting services for product development
• Optimisation of existing designs
• Analysis of failure causes
• Internal/external training courses

Process optimisation

• Individual concept development
• Delivery using the Kanban system
• C parts management
• Weak points analysis
• Consulting on cost reductions